• Fleeting Options

    Currently we have mooring capacity for 105 barges and offer our shifting and fleeting services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. For your convenience, our base of operations is in the handy Nugent (slackwater) Harbor, right next door to the Port of Indiana - Jeffersonville.

    MVBS Jeffersonville Harbor
  • Topside Repairs

    We offer topside repair, pumping, shingling, and fiberglass rehabilitation with our certified and experienced maintenance crew in a protected slackwater harbor on the Indiana bank, adjacent to the CGB Dock and the Port of Indiana-Jeffersonville.

    Top of Barge
  • MVBS Jeffersonville Serves Cargo Hub

    We have the safest harbor on the Ohio River because we have 59 acres of slack water protected by land.

  • Ports of Indiana

    MVBS Jeffersonville was established in 2009 as a new harbor operation serving the Port of Indiana - Jeffersonville with shifting, fleeting, cleaning, and repairs located in close proximity to the port property.

    Port of Indiana

Located in the Nugent Harbor at Ohio River mile marker 596.7, our barge shifting, fleeting, cleaning, and repair operation proudly serves the Port of Indiana-Jeffersonville and the Louisville, Kentucky Pool. We are committed to helping this segment of the Ohio River become more important and prosperous as part of the Inland Waterways System. We offer you four essential services with experienced rivermen and a smart, convenient location. We appreciate your interest in our work and hope you will find your visit to our web site helpful and informative.

We look forward to discussing your harbor service requirements.
For further assistance please phone us at 812-725-8295 or email us.
Josh Rogers
, General Manager, MVBS

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